9 ways to use online B2B video marketing content towards your objectives

Robert Weiss Business Video Blog

Marketers and business owners can’t deny that video is catching on in a big way.  And if you are already using online video marketing content you know that it has helped your company generate leads and drive sales.  You know that it ranks you higher on search engines and covert leads because searchers quickly understand the benefits of your products and services.  You know that website B2B marketing videos can build trust, showcase products, communicate personality, be shared and easily consumed by busy decision makers.

However, many companies only put their website B2B marketing videos on their website rather than use this high-power marketing asset every day in their sales and marketing activities.

In addition to your website and YouTube, here are 10 ways to leverage your b2b video production services to bump up your ROI and give you the most out of your video marketing investment.

  1. Improve SEO ranking by creating a page for each online video as well as an online video marketing gallery – Google knows that consumers get the most amount of information and can make the best decisions by watching online video marketing content and therefore gives higher ranking weight than just text  Coordinate your video metadata with your on page contextual SEO strategy.
  2. Telemarketing follow up – Develop qualified leads and differentiate from your competition by giving your sales teams B2B marketing videos instead of PDFs.  They can even leave messages letting the prospect know they will receive a video.
  3. Social media channels –  Online video marketing content is king on social channels.  It has the highest engagement of all forms of content and all social channels are doing more and more to showcase video.  Beat your competition and leverage your B2B video production services across all channels.
  4. Before a sales call – Instead of sending a boring PDF that no one will read, send a product or service overview video two days before your sales meeting.  It will give your prospects more information about your company, they will ask better questions and become more qualified buyers.
  5. In your email marketing campaigns – Adding your B2B marketing videos to your email marketing campaigns will improve open and click thru rates.  For even more integration into sales process look for an online video platform, like Vidyard, that integrates data into your CRM for ongoing nurturing or sales follow up.
  6. Add video to your blog – Statistics show that adding online video content to your blog keeps people on your site longer and gets more sharing across social channels.  Summarize your online video marketing content into a few paragraphs and upload video to your blog.
  7. Direct mail – Make your B2B video productions the centerpiece of your direct mail campaigns.  Use a QR code or highlight the URL that has industry or product specific videos.  You will be able to quantify the investment in your direct mail campaign and see more engagement.
  8. Landing pages –  Landing pages with short focused videos are proven to increase conversion rates because people are able to quickly understand what you offer and the benefit to them.  NOTE: one video is not an online video content marketing strategy so you should make an appropriate video for each landing page.
  9. During the sales call –  Do less talking by using your B2B video production instead of a PPT at the start of your presentation.  It will change the dynamic of your sales meeting as it will engage and educate customers about the expertise of the people that will be implementing the your solutions…have you ever seen anyone interrupt a video?

From getting found on search engines to developing qualified leads and paying customers, online video marketing content builds personal connections and improves conversion across all points of the sales cycle.

So if you don’t already have website B2B marketing videos in the hands of your sales and marketing teams get some today… because the sooner you do the sooner you will realize how impactful B2B video production services can be to your lead generation and sales objectives.