5 Types of Employee Montage Holiday Videos that People LOVE to watch

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Holiday video cards have always been a big hit with customers, employees and prospects because they are fun, different and give people the warm and fuzzies.  There are many types of holiday video cards, but the most fun and popular are montage video cards that showcase your employees.  These videos are highly engaging because they are authentic and transparent into …

How Corporate Video Production Companies Create a New York City Studio in an Office – Diversity and Inclusion Video Case Study

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Financial Services Video

Sometimes, to make a great video, a LOT of pieces need to fall in the right place. One of the traits of corporate video production companies is being able to adapt to the needs of the client, like creating a New York City studio from their office for a diversity and inclusion video. And something that every professional video production …

Animated Holiday Cards Increase Awareness & Engagement

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Just like animated videos for business are highly effective to convert leads, animated holiday cards as they make a memorable impression on their customers and prospects.  So, if your goal is to stand out from your competitors, and stay top of mind with your customers and prospects, then a fresh take on animated holiday cards is what you need. This …

Barriers to Adopting B2B Video Marketing Services

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Video Production

As one of the leading New York City video production companies, we wanted to better understand how B2B video marketing services are being adopted nationally. In Part I we talked about what businesses are actually paying for video content marketing, in case you missed the article you can check it out here: LINK Part II in our series to better …

How Much Do Video Marketing Services Really Cost?

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Variables that determine video budget

As one of the top video production companies in New York, we wanted to better understand how B2B video marketing is being adopted nationally along with how much do video marketing services cost.  So, we decided to conduct a survey of other leading video production companies across the nation, and other marketing agencies that leverage B2B video marketing for their clients, …