Animated Video Cards Increase Awareness & Engagement

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Thinking about sending holiday cards to your customers? Use animated video cards all year long!

Year after year companies flock to buy and send out holiday cards. They will make a memorable impression on their customers and prospects. If your goal is to stand out from your competitors and stay top of mind with your customers and prospects, then a fresh take on business video content marketing is just what you need.

This business video content marketing case study is about how Guardian Data Destruction (GDD) increased brand awareness and engagement. They remained top of mind with customers by sending out video holiday cards all year long.

The Problem – Build Awareness and Engagement in a Crowded Market

Holiday greeting have always been a nice way to demonstrate a company’s appreciation to clients, prospects and partners. They improve client relations and are great marketing tool to drive top of mind awareness.

The problem is that EVERY company sends out holiday cards at the end of the year. So how does a growing company, with a limited marketing budget, keep in touch with it’s clients? How can they build brand equity and good-will while saving costs?

The Solution – Use Business Video Marketing / Animated Video Cards

GDD fell into the category of not wanting to send out the same traditional holiday card. They wanted to stand out and drive engagement all year long.

Using brand assets like GDD’s shredding truck (that shreds hard drives into small material), GDD reached out to their corporate video production services partner to create not only one end of year / seasons greetings video holiday card, but multiple holiday video cards for the different holidays over the course of the year.

In the seasons greeting holiday video card, the shredding truck shreds hard drives into snowflakes. Meanwhile, for Valentines Day, it shreds hard drives into hearts. Finally, for St. Patty’s Day it shreds hard drives into clovers.  By customizing the message, graphics and music for each holiday, GDD was able to spread the base investment of the corporate video production project over the entire course of the year while continually having something interesting and different to send to their customers and prospects.

Benefit – Engagement, Differentiation and Cost Savings

Creating animated video cards for each different holidays over the year allowed GDD to keep their company, brand assets and value proposition in front of their customers over the course of the year in a non selling, environmentally friendly and interesting way.

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