YouTube Marketing Playlist that Answers Questions to Help Businesses Start Use Web Video Marketing to Capture More Leads & Sales Revenues

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January 26, 2012, New York, NY — MultiVision Digital, a New York City online video production service company and web video marketing services company (, announced today the release of a YouTube Marketing Playlist that answers questions businesses have about getting started with online corporate video marketing. The playlist, located on MultiVision Digital’s YouTube video marketing channel at, is a series of YouTube online marketing videos originating from an interview on Talking Alternative Radio ( with MultiVision Digital’s president Robert Weiss on December 2, 2011.

Consumer behavior quickly reveals the power of online video marketing tactics – immediately after viewing a company’s online video production, buyers are 40% more likely to visit a company’s website or contact that company via phone (eMarketer, Jan 2011). “Many companies realize that online video marketing for businesses engages, informs and builds trust with customers quickly to drive qualified leads and sales, but are just not sure how to get started” states Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital.

MultiVision Digital’s YouTube Marketing playlist comes at a time when businesses are starting to use web video production, website video advertising and online video marketing strategies for their products and services as an effective marketing method that gets companies more traffic to their website, more leads and more sales. MultiVision Digital’s YouTube Marketing playlist includes content to help businesses create and execute online video marketing productions to drive new business opportunities. Businesses can quickly access answers about online video production and online video marketing, as the radio interview is broken-up into multiple short videos on the YouTube Marketing Playlist.

Topics include:

  1. How long should your online video production be for your website marketing video?
  2. Why online video production is a great marketing investment.
  3. How online video testimonials will help your SEO and win business.
  4. How to set goals for your business online video production content and web video marketing.
  5. How to start online corporate video productions for your web video marketing content.
  6. How online video marketing can play a role in the sales cycle.

Weiss continues, “Done right, online video converts at a higher rate over any other interactive marketing tool by creating action to move prospects into and through any sales cycle. Online video marketing is perfect for any business that aims to have content that differentiates them from their competition, drive lead generation and sales goals in a cost-effective and measurable way.” About MultiVision Digital MultiVision Digital is a corporate online video advertising production services company and website video marketing services company that specializes in developing and executing web video content marketing strategies to increase sales, lead generation, and client loyalty. MultiVision Digital’s video content marketing services include concept and budget planning, producing (planning, scripting, storyboarding, talent and editing) and YouTube optimization services.