Demystifying Attorney Video Marketing for Law Firms

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Attorney Video Marketing

We know that video marketing for law firms is still at the early adoption phase…and every firm is different in how they are approaching video. Some firms have adopted it.  Some firms are thinking about it.  While other firms are not there yet. Which ever represents you, we’ve put together a scaled down version of the LMA webinar titled “Demystifying …

3 Ways to Make an Investment in Attorney Video Marketing

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Across every aspect of professional services, for years traditional networking and advertising methods have been representing a smaller percentage of how new client relationships get started.  Which makes attorney video production, legal video production and attorney video marketing critical to winning new business opportunities. While new clients prefer watching attorney marketing video than reading text early in the research stages, …

Gain & Maintain Trust with Remote Video Production for Thought Leadership

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Remote Video Production

Thought leadership has always been an innovative way for lawyers and accountants to drive new client engagements.  That must be why, after a 3-year study, Edelman and LinkedIn reaffirmed that “. strong thought leadership content not only strengthens a company’s reputation but also positively impacts RFP invitations, wins, pricing and cross-selling that occurs post-sale.”, in their 2020 B2B Thought Leadership …

Why legal and accounting marketing teams should get their partners on camera.

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Thought leadership video for legal video marketing and accounting video marketing is all about showcasing partner’s expertise, skill sets and personality.  These are the core attributes that build the know, like and trust factor that attorneys and accountants need to build to drive business…but legal and marketing teams, you know this already. When you add thought leadership videos and get …

5 Benefits of Law Firm Video Production for NYC Law Firms

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People in need of legal services are searching online for answers more than ever.  And because everyone in New York City is super busy, they are seeking out and seeking more legal marketing videos and testimonial videos to help themselves get informed.  Thus, in response to this trend, to get new casework opportunities, NYC law firms would benefit from working …