How 360 and Augmented Reality are Opening New Doors for Marketers

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The possibilities for filmmaking and video communication are changing yet again and giving marketers amazing tools to stretch their creativity and gain competitive advantages with their video marketing strategy.  The latest and greatest new tools are 360 video and augmented reality (AR). They’re changing how we look at all stages of production and the concept of video communication itself. Now, …

Get more from your Podcast with Online Video Production

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Podcasts are now an effective way to establish thought leadership expertise. That is why many brands, small businesses and executives have jumped on the podcasting bandwagon. So how do you continue to differentiate your podcast and gain market recognition, ears, downloads and leads to your business? Video production is your answer. Creating video marketing content while recording your podcast gives …

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What To Consider When Hiring a Marketing Video Production Company

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Is the quality of your self-made DIY videos less than desirable? Are you thinking about hiring a video production company to up your marketing video production game? If so, this is the article for you. When picking a video production services company to work with, like hiring any other type of company, there are so many options out there and …

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How to align a long-term video strategy with your business objectives

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If you’ve started working with video production companies and are ready to have a video strategy, read further.  This blog post discusses a methodology to help you get started with aligning your video content marketing budget towards a long-term video strategy focused on your business objectives.     The First Steps It’s crucial to start with your business objectives. Look …

How video marketing companies use corporate video production to give you a high R.O.I.

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Many marketers and business owners are challenged with how to get the most out of corporate video production.  Therefore, they need to create an ongoing flow of quality content for their digital channels.  Video communications is one of the best ways to drive content marketing objectives.  Video marketing companies know that implementing a Video 1st strategy to your corporate video …