Cost-effective business video production and B2B online video content marketing: Where do I start?

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Cost-effective business video production and B2B online video content marketing is following the trend of a new new technology that comes onto the scene, that businesses are slow to adopt.

Many businesses today are challenged with how to get started with, or build up, cost-effective business video production that can aid their sales and marketing strategies and client engagement.  If you’re just starting to explore the idea of using video for your company, I’m here to hold the torch and illuminate the possibilities.

Most businesses start B2B online video content marketing with a general corporate overview video that highlights all of their products, services, and mission statements. This broad introduction to what you’re all about really helps give anyone who is interested in your firm a warm welcome and firm understanding of your company.

However, producing a corporate overview video may be a daunting task if this is your first time doing a cost-effective business video production.  After all, how are you supposed to condense everything you do in a video that’s only a few minutes? There’s also the problem of cost (check out our blog post called What Makes Up the Cost of a Corporate Video). Your corporate overview video should last for 4-5 years and thus have a meaningful investment (whatever this means to your company) attached to it.  You want it to be polished and professional as this will most likely be the FIRST impression new prospective clients have of your company.

Perhaps your organization doesn’t have the budget to produce one large video but you’re still interested in getting your feet wet in B2B online video content marketing.  You’re in luck as most companies have so many products, services and stories that can be told…the possibilities are nearly limitless. So, baby steps in a cost-effective business video production project can certainly be taken before tackling a larger production project.

Steps to create a cost-effective business video production

The first step in incorporating a cost-effective business video production is by taking a look at your current sales and marketing tactics. Look at what you are already doing and see what can be transformed into a B2B online video content marketing project. Here are some introductory questions that will help you create some ideas:

  • What is on your website?
  • What descriptions are most meaningful to you?
  • Do you have an FAQ section?
  • Do you send out email brochures for marketing and informational purposes?
  • Do you use PowerPoints to convey information?
  • Do you mail physical pamphlets or other marketing materials?
  • Do you provide documents with instructions and technical information for your products?
  • Do you have scripted or cookie-cutter presentations that someone in your company routinely delivers to audiences?

These are just a handful of questions that should make you think about creating cost-effective business video production content that is relevant and integrated into your current business strategies.

The great thing about converting this information into video is that it’s very simple to do and cost-effective.  All you need is someone comfortable and willing to stand in front of a camera and verbally communicate the material, just like they would do in front of a prospective customer.  The production will greatly differ from a corporate overview video and can be done with a one-man-band and the post-production process is often short. Furthermore, multiple topics can be addressed in the same day of production.

Preparing for your B2B online video content marketing project

Make sure on-camera talent is prepared when answering frequently asked questions about the products and services your company offers as this will help them be succinct.  While you can have just one person discuss each topic, we recommend that you look for many people to discuss topics. One of the main benefits of B2B online video content marketing is that it builds personal connections. These cost-effective business video productions are great sales tools and will allow your customers to be more informed, educated and qualified to discuss options with you.

Once you make this first leap, you won’t be disappointed with the ROI. Your cost-effective business video production content that corresponds directly to the things that new clients want to know can also be used to boost your SEO ranking, both on Google and through YouTube.  These new clients will have virtual face-to-face introductions with your team that establishes a baseline level of trust to drive sales.

I hope this information has given you some ideas for how to start out in marketing with B2B online video content marketing and planning cost-effective business video productions. Remember, it’s perfectly fine to start out with very basic yet highly informative videos for your business as these tend to have a high ROI.  Analyze what kind of marketing materials you’re using now and use these as roadmaps to translate that messaging into video. Once you get your feet wet, you’ll want to dive in and reap the rewards of being ahead of the pack!

Video is by far the most effective way to communicate reliable and consistent information that best matches your new products and services.  Have questions or want to share some of your ideas…take a minute to make a comment or share this with your colleague.

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