Our holistic video marketing strategy lets you plan, budget and integrate different types of video you need to affect the different stages of your marketing and sales funnel while using your budget most efficiently and effectively.

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Video marketing should not be a one shot deal.

For a video marketing strategy to impact your business you should be looking towards a consistent flow of different types of video content across the communication life cycle.

MultiVision Digital’s business video marketing strategy services are a holistic view of your entire video content program – the strategy, execution (production) and distribution (marketing) – for getting the right video content into the right place in your marketing communication plan.Video Strategy Process logo UP5_updated

Video marketing should not be a one shot deal. For a sound video marketing strategy to impact your business, you should be looking towards a consistent flow of different types of video content (FAQs, practice area overview, testimonials, animations, thought leadership / educational content, corporate overviews, etc) – some being more produced than others. Meaning – a consistent quarterly budget can be used for multiple “easy to execute” videos (like FAQs or thought leaders hips videos) for one quarter, while another quarter a budget would be used for just one “high production” video (like a branding corporate overview video or animation explainer video).

With a planned, thoughtful and integrated strategy in place, we will produce varying types of video content that impactful for the right place at the right time in the communication life cycle. A holistic video strategy will empower you to plan, budget and integrate all the different types of sales and marketing video communications you will need to affect the different stages of your marketing & sales funnel.Regardless of your revenue or industry, we know you have to show a return on investment in order for you to prove that business video content is a worthwhile investment…That’s our number one job and we love doing it!

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Corporate Video Content Marketing and Distribution Strategy

Ever noticed that your prospects, customers, partners, and peers are all watching more business video? That’s because our personal behavior is driving our business behavior. Online digital videos for business is a necessary business tactic to achieve core business objectives that sales directions and marketing directors have every day.

Because we have become a society of viewers and not readers, a video 1st content marketing strategy makes a solid investment. From top to bottom of the marketing and sales funnel, a business video content strategy fits into each and every part

  • Brand awareness and social engagement videos for the top of the funnel
  • Animated explainer videos and corporate overview videos that drive lead conversion
  • Sales videos like product videos, video FAQs and testimonial videos, that can also be used for lead nurturing
  • Training videos for post sale on-boarding and support

Business video communications can play a significant role to help you achieve your objectives. Give us a call or send us an email and let us show you how.

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