Business online video content is a cost-effective marketing tool

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Business online video content

The use of business online video content in companies’ sales and marketing mix has slowly increased over the years. It’s now on a rapid pace upward.  Businesses have quickly found that having a business video marketing strategy is critical. Integrating a steady stream of business online video content is tough but rewarding. This video advertising, sales and marketing process can …

Should You Hire a Videographer or a Video Production Agency for Your Advertising Video?

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Video Production Agency

Video production companies know that advertising videos are an effective way to get attention and convert that attention into paying customers.  And are proven to convert, according to Social Video Trends: Consumer Insights for 2020 done by Animoto.   One of the stats noted by the study was that video advertisements were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later …

Build Brand Awareness with Fast-Paced Social Media Video Advertising

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Digital marketing is evolving again with a new social media video technique that builds awareness, social shares, and drive sales.  Using fast-paced social media video marketing has become one of the hottest and effective techniques for spreading awareness; the objective of advertising.  Of course, video is great for many business objectives  of these things, but one marketing video production is also …