Build Brand Awareness with Fast-Paced Social Media Video Advertising

Jeremy Levy Business Video Blog, Multivision Minutes


Digital marketing is evolving again with a new social media video technique that builds awareness, social shares, and drive sales.  Using fast-paced social media video marketing has become one of the hottest and effective techniques for spreading awareness; the objective of advertising.  Of course, video is great for many business objectives  of these things, but one marketing video production is also …

Why the versatility of business video makes it a great investment with long-term R.O.I.

Robert Weiss Business Video Blog, Multivision Minutes


Business video is extremely versatile, and it’s used within your sales and marketing organization, and that makes it a great investment. Why business video is a great investment Look at the other marketing investments you’ve made over the years. For example, direct mail, trade shows, brochures, blog posts, have probably been invested in. They mostly have a one and done …