Law Firms Mixing Professional Video Production Services with D.I.Y. Video

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A lawyer and an accountant doing a video marketing series for their respective businesses.

Having legal video marketing assets (or video for accounting firms) on your website is about responding to what people are looking for. Video marketing for law firms is often the first thing prospective clients look for when they discover your organization. If they do a search for lawyers (or accountants), people are often looking for video content to get informed.  …

The Most Overlooked Part of Corporate Video Production in New York

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I’m often out at networking events in New York City talking to people about some of the things that our video production company in New York does.  When they get some interest in what we do they say, “I want this simple marketing video production…,” and they go on to tell me exactly what they want to SEE in their …

3 Website Recruitment Videos that Attract Top Talent

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Website recruitment videos are an effective method of getting prospective candidates interested and excited about working for you…and keeping them excited during the recruitment process. Recruitment videos are effective for a number of reasons. When high quality candidates get interested in your firm they make their way over to your website. What are they looking for when they visit your …

How much does corporate video production cost?

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How much does corporate video production cost?  It is usually the first question people think about when planning for a business video. And it’s one of the first when considering hiring a video production company.  Unfortunately, this question often makes people stop thinking about business videos due to perceived high budget constraints.  Rather, they should be thinking of the phenomenal …