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Commercial Real Estate Video Content Marketing Services in New York City for Breather

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One of our ongoing clients, Commercial Observer, a commercial real estate publication in New York City, realizes the value of real estate video production content and video content marketing services to showcase real estate in New York City.  We do real estate video production for Commercial Observer about twice a month, often interviewing top executives in the real estate market, …

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Video for Manufacturing Companies – B2B Sales Plan

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For manufacturing companies to drive relationship selling, educating buyers on your products unique features and building trust in your operations are key to creating higher qualified leads that are sales ready. That’s why promotional video for manufacturing companies has become a must have investment. Most manufacturing companies come from the traditional mindset that their selling is “relationship selling” only. Many …

Website business video for accountants – case study in converting new business

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Accountants deliver a personal service to clients. As such, one of the great difficulties to overcome when promoting these professional services is making them somewhat tangible. So, accountants feel that the more traditional forms of marketing, like networking, hosting informational events and seminars, which provide forums for getting face-to-face with clients, are the most valuable tactics to winning new business. …

Business video case study – add online video to your sales pitch and win BIG deals.

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A dream, ambition and a sound business plan are all crucial to a company’s growth. But when it comes to winning new business, getting and keeping, the attention of decision makers can be a challenge.  To make a lasting impression while explaining why your business should win the deal, it helps to create a presentation that tells your story in …