Marketing Strategies for Video Production Companies – Increase Return on Investment

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Many marketers and business owners are challenged with how to get the most out of corporate video production.  Therefore, they need to create an ongoing flow of quality content for their digital channels.  Video communications is one of the best ways to drive content marketing objectives.  Video marketing companies know that implementing a Video 1st strategy to your corporate video production projects will lead to more content and while maintaining a high R.O.I. for years to come.

Why you should make online video marketing content 1st?

Over the past few years the world has essentially transitioned into a society of viewers rather than readers. The line was a little muddied back in the late 2000s. However, nowadays, video has fully invaded the web and is growing fast.  While many of this video watching was in our personal consumer lives, our personal behavior is driving our business behavior.  We are all getting more comfortable watching video communications to get information about products, places we want to go, to fix things around the house and to inspire us to be better people.

The infographic below, from Clum Creative, highlights the incredible reality of video content and how pervasive video communications are already.  If your business is going to respond to consumer behavior, both B2C and B2B consumers, then having a Video 1stvideo marketing strategy to create ongoing online video marketing content, is necessary to achieve core business objectives.

clum video stats infographic 80percentincreasedvideotraffic 1024x658 - Marketing Strategies for Video Production Companies - Increase Return on Investment

Clum Creative Video Consumption Statistic


The Internet is at an all-time high for global video viewing and video has become synonymous with internet use.  Sure, people still read plenty of content online. However, it’s slowing down as video marketing companies make video easier to produce.

How does a Video 1st video marketing strategy fit into video production?

Either driven by an in-house team or one of the video marketing companies out there, sales directors and marketing directors can support their week in and week out content creation needs with a Video 1st plan.  So, having a Video 1st video marketing strategy is simply using corporate video production as a foundational element of your sales and marketing content needs.  Video marketing companies know that video content can be leveraged over and over again.  They can “slice and dice” video content and allow you to create tons of content. This may include images for social media, transcriptions for blog posts, online advertisements, email campaigns, press releases, and more.

Once you have one piece of online video marketing content created, you can re-purpose it in other areas.  This creates a web of valuable marketing materials that you would have otherwise missed out on. This highlights the beauty of a Video 1st approach.  Ultimately, a Video 1stcorporate video production strategy gives you one cohesive approach for many objectives.  Launching a product, targeting an industry, talking about a new use case or showcasing client testimonials are just a handful.

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Using Video Marketing Companies to Repurpose Video Content

How to get started with a Video 1stvideo communications strategy.

The first step in executing a Video 1st video marketing strategy is to stop thinking about video.  That’s right!  Forget about video!

Start considering questions your customers frequently have and the knowledge of your company from your operational, technical, and sales teams. Think of the stories and use cases your organization has that gives buyers the information they need.  Brainstorm who in your organization provides those answers to customers and if they use any visuals or statistics. Moreover, be sure to write all of this information down then align it with your other business and marketing investments your company is making. If this is your first time using a Video 1st corporate video productions strategy, there are plenty of video marketing companies that can guide and help you.

The video communication in this blog post is a a great example of a Video 1st Strategy in motion. This page and the content on this blog post is very similar to what you’re hearing in the video.  We have also used many of the visual assets of this video in social media, blog posts and other areas of our marketing.  It’s all done efficiently and effectively as part of a video marketing strategy to get the most productive use and most amount of ROI from our online video marketing content.

Please give us a call to receive suggestions on implementing a Video 1st video marketing strategy from your corporate video production project. We will help to get you started!

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