Dispelling Myths of Video Content Marketing for Law, Accounting and Consulting Firms

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Do you spend time thinking about video content marketing and how your prospects research, and short list, you and your competitors? How they get informed, make their own decisions and qualify themselves before reaching out to you by phone or via your website?  Digital marketing over the past years, as Miley Cryus puts it, has come in “like a wrecking …


The 4 Day Manufacturing Video Production Deliverable – Making it Happen for the Haydon Corporation

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We love doing video for manufacturing companies!  Most manufacturing companies have lots of cool things to shoot as the manufacturing process is so interesting.  As a creative video production company, that focuses on video for manufacturing companies, we prefer to have plenty of time to prepare and plan for any video content marketing project.  Pre-production planning is one of the most …

Real Estate Video Marketing

Commercial Real Estate Video Content Marketing Services in New York City for Breather

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One of our ongoing clients, Commercial Observer, a commercial real estate publication in New York City, realizes the value of real estate video production content and video content marketing services to showcase real estate in New York City.  We do real estate video production for Commercial Observer about twice a month, often interviewing top executives in the real estate market, …


B2B Video Production is on the Rise with the Help of a Video Marketing Agency in New York

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If you think watching online video is only for Millenials, guess again.  More and more business executives are relying on B2B video production to get them the information they need to make decisions.  Even though the current percentage of business executives is low, it is on the rise due to all of us watching more and more online video marketing …


What actually goes into making a corporate video production project?

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One question we get at least a few times a week is: “How much does a marketing video cost?” Our standard response is “it depends”.  Until a quality corporate video production company has some information about the scope of the project, it is hard to throw numbers out.  Since many businesses are just getting started with B2B promotional video, they …