Legal Video Production for Law Firms

Legal Marketing Video Production for Attorneys

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With traditional tactics representing less and less % of new business, and the digital world becoming more important, is legal marketing video production for law firms fad or fundamental?

Video production for lawyers is the perfect compliment to your traditional process of winning new business. Law firm video marketing content allows prospective clients to get a real feel for lawyers, their expertise and their skill sets, while they are checking them out on your website.

One of the best things that legal marketing teams like about legal marketing video production project is that they can be used across many digital marketing tactics, and most maintain a high R.O.I. because they can be used for many years. Some of the tangible benefits that you should see from your legal video production project include;

  • Ranking higher on search engines
  • Higher conversion rate of qualified leads
  • More engagement during the sales process
  • More time spent on websites
  • Increased brand awareness

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MultiVision is a leading corporate video production company in NYC.

From top of the funnel corporate branding, to practice marketing, thought leadership, aligning video with a SEO keyword plan, using video to engage social media, video for each partner bio page, to showcase your firm to new recruits, showing your diversity, pro-bono work and more. Here are some examples of legal marketing video production for law firms that you legal marketing team might consider –