B2B video for manufacturing companies

Even though manufacturing companies have a relationship driven sales process, B2B video production for manufacturing companies can impact every day sales and marketing results. Manufacturing companies are using B2B video production to explain things that are either new or complex. That’s because business sales videos explain new technologies quicker, are easier to understand vs. reading text, and have a tremendous power connect with your desired target audience.

Integrating B2B video production for manufacturing companies and business sales videos into your day-to-day marketing and sales efforts will differentiate you from your competition by clearly communicating your value proposition, build relationships with viewers and motivate customers to move into and through the buying process.

Here are two video case studies for B2B video production for manufacturing companies that made the most out of a video content marketing strategy budget to get them the sales videos they needed to drive business forward.

Manufacturing video case study #1

In this B2B video production for manufacturing companies’ project, rather than producing one video that squeezed information into one long video, the video content marketing strategy produced a series of three website promo video communications that helped Haydon Corp. launch a new innovative technology. The project included

  • One high-level business sales video on the problem, solution and benefits
  • One applications video showing different uses of the new product
  • One business sales video focused specifically on the LEED certification

Manufacturing video case study #2

Dymax, a 35 year-old manufacturing company located in Torrington, CT is another great example of how MultiVision Digital’s strategic approach to B2B video production for manufacturing companies gets the most out of business video marketing budget.

Dymax came to MultiVision Digital wanting a manufacturing website promotional video. Over the past 35 years Dymax has grown their application engineering capabilities, products & services into a global leader to help their manufacturing clients boost productivity, improve quality, improve worker safety and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

The leaders at Dymax were convinced that a manufacturing website promotional video was the way to go, but were not sure how to get it done will all they needed to show and communicate. Further, their Application Engineering team had grown in stature that they needed to provide this key differentiator to their prospective clients.

Starting with corporate video marketing strategy services, MultiVision Digital provided turn-key services thought the entire business video production process. From initial direction to hone down on the message, to finalizing which of the Dymax team would be interviewed to planning and directing all of the day’s scenes to ensure Dymax would able to show and communicate the depth and breath of their facility to global clients.

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