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What To Consider When Hiring a Digital Marketing Video Production Company

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Is the quality of your self-made DIY videos less than desirable? Are you thinking about hiring a video production company to up your marketing video production game? If so, this is the article for you.

When picking a video production services company to work with, like hiring any other type of company, there are so many options out there and you might not initially stumble upon the right fit. What could make the situation even worse is not knowing some of the ins and outs of what makes up the cost of a marketing video production and other useful information about what to ask and evaluate during the process?

Why Hire A Video Production and Digital Marketing Company

In the age of the smartphone and DIY video, it can seem like hiring a video production company just to handle a few videos might seem a bit excessive. But, in fact, the ROI on marketing video production is extremely high. This is especially the case when compared to various other methods of marketing to drive everyday business goals. The reason is simple. Video sticks in customers’ heads, captures their imaginations and makes it easy for decision-makers to evaluate your company. So, the reason to hire a video production company is to boost your profits. Moreover, it’s to make sure your marketing video production stands out from the crowd. But not all video production companies have the same level of quality or skill sets.

Where To Start Your Video Production Agency Search

Now, you probably don’t need to consult a video production company every time you’re looking to have a video. Because there are exceptions in which you can do it on your own. For example, at an event, you might want to capture some footage of your attendance for social media. So it makes sense for a small project like this to grab a camera and give it a shot (no pun intended) on your own.

However, perhaps you’re looking for a more elaborate video like a corporate overview, case study or animated explainer video. It makes sense to seek a reputable video production services company in this case. When you are on the search, it’s best to consult a reputable ratings agency, check client testimonials, scour the websites of several companies, and give them a call.

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Quality of a Video Production Firm Portfolio

When looking for a video production services company, of course quality of work will be one of your main priorities. Most companies should have their portfolio, case studies or some other form of proven work displayed on their website. Reviewing a handful of portfolio examples, watching a video testimonial, and evaluating their process is an excellent way to get to know the skill set of the video production company. You should try to match your company’s needs with the specialties and expertise of the company at which you are looking.

Of course sometimes top quality comes with a top cost. To get the best value you should always consider quality, fit, and cost and evaluate them. You don’t want to be saddled with enormous costs, but you also don’t want to under budget or undervalue your marketing video production. Customers are quickly making decisions solely based on the quality of your video. So, under budgeting might get you a less than the stellar result and low ROI. So how much should does an average video cost, click here for a blog post titled How much does an average business video marketing production cost? 

Once you’ve found a video production services company to work with, be proactive with your communications. It’s the responsibility of the firm you are working with to maintain timely and accurate responses. Finally, enjoy the process—marketing video production is a great way to boost many of your awareness, lead generation, and sales goals!

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Kimmie Champlin is a Senior Business Analyst at Clutch, leading the firm’s video production research coverage of companies around the world. Clutch and its sister site The Manifest release verified lists of agencies to provide decision-makers with crucial information they need when finding business partners.

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  1. I like your advice on reviewing testimonials and portfolios when seeking a video production team. Their past work can tell you a lot about the quality and style. It will help you make the best choice for the occasion.

  2. It’s good to know that ROI on marketing videos is extremely high, like you said. It seems videos can reach a lot of people these days because of social media. I think it would be really beneficial for all businesses to take advantage of that service.

  3. I would like to say thank you for what you have done. I’m a beginner in marketing world and now I feel much more confident in marketing

  4. You make a good point that videos tend to stick in people’s heads so they’ll remember a company better if they see a good video. It’s important for the video to be done well so the company will have a good reputation, so it would be smart to hire a video production service, Plus if a company hires a video production crew to work on the commercial they may get more ideas of what to do that’ll entice customers.

  5. Nice Blog and make it easy for understanding video marketing company

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