What makes the best online business video content?

In this video content marketing tip, we discuss “What makes the best online business video content.” from MultiVision Digital, a New York City video production services company also serving New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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One of the myths about online video for businesses is that many companies think they need a viral video. And what we say is “Let’s stay focused on your sales and marketing processes.”

For example, what do your marketing teams do every day?

What do your sales teams do every day?

If your sales person is going to make a presentation to an organization, what is in the Powerpoint deck? That sales person can probably get up and talk about each slide for a couple of minutes. That’s the type of content that we want to create from a business video standpoint.

So, really what we’re doing is looking at the whole business process and saying, the production of online video content is just an integral piece of it, but it needs to fit in with everything else that you’re doing.

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