Dangers of getting started with website video marketing


Are there any dangers of doing video on the web?

Are there any things that people need to be careful of when they start to go this route?

I would say dangers? No.

From a business perspective, start doing it. Things that people should be aware of? Yes, absolutely.

If you are a professional organization, you should have a professional video. Something that is clean, the audio sounds good, it’s well-lighted, it’s been professionally edited. That doesn’t mean that you need to have trees animated and growing and butterflies going off the leaves. It can be very simply produced, but it needs to be professional, because you’re a professional organization.

There’s a lot of people doing their own vlogs – video blogs, or user-generated content. I say do it. Go, produce your own content that may not be very polished, but lead and make sure that on your website you have that professional stuff first to give that good impression, and then follow-up with the more what you can do by your own, just to get consistent content out there.

OK, so it’s you always want to “put your best foot forward” first, but it’s important even if it’s not very professional. Like, that’s a good follow-up to keep things fresh and to constantly be pushing things out there.

That is correct.

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