Why online video production is a great marketing investment.

In this video content marketing tip, we discuss “Why online video production is a great marketing investment.” from MultiVision Digital, a New York City video production services company also serving New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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Transcript –

We talked about the long tail before and we talked about content, if you look at from a marketing investment [point of view] let’s say $2,000 a small business budget that maybe they get for videos to get five videos from that.

So, that’s about $500 per video.

That could last five years, so it’s really $100 per year per video.

I see.

If you look at it that way, it actually breaks down relatively small. It’s just the big investment in the beginning, but it is going to pay you dividends in the years to come.

Correct. What other types of investments could you make for that money? Direct mail? Video is extremely powerful to get people engaged and move through the sales process.

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