How online video testimonials will help your SEO and win business


From a marketing perspective, wow!

Google likes older websites. They give more “points” to the longevity, I guess, of a domain and content that is “out there” and being watched and is referenced.

It is the same thing with video.

So, Google does a good job of recognizing the fact that your video has been out there for a while, and, let’s take the example of a testimonial.

Somebody spends some time and does five testimonial videos of what they have done for their clients and the clients’ stories about their service or their product.

That’s going to “stand the test of time,” because even five years from now, they have still done it. They have still done that work.

And to see somebody in video with one different look in a nice suit, in a necktie, and maybe in a polo shirt somewhere, in an office, in the field, doing what they do, that gives you a good sense of what that person, or the organization or the people there, their services are all about.

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