How to get the greatest ROI from business sales videos.

In this video marketing tip, Robert Weiss, President of MultiVison Digital, discusses how to get a return on investment for your corporate sales or marketing website video but integrating into your social marketing and sales team. MultiVision Digital is a New York City video production services company also serving New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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Transcript –
Marketing that video content…making sure that it is being used. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, social channels, and then your sales and marketing teams utilizing those videos every single day.

So, it’s getting the word out there and just letting the world know “here’s a video, here’s some content, take a look at it.”

It does not have to be “a video,” but — or a series of videos.

Yes. This is who we are, get to know us via this website promotional video communication and this explains very quickly who we are.