What drives the cost of an animated explainer business video.

If getting people to quickly understand what you offer and converting fresh leads are part of your business objectives, then adding an animated explainer video to your lead generation and sales process might be a good idea.

Before getting into the costs, lets look at the benefits. When a business adds an animated explainer video to their website the visitor stays on average 2 minutes longer and converts into a lead at a higher rate. The reason is that the animated explainer video engages and explains hard to understand concepts quicker and is easier than reading and trying to understand text. Now would also be a good time to point out that our attention spans online are below that of a goldfish..so if you are not quickly engaging people then you are loosing out on potential customers.

If you’re just getting started with online video content marketing for your business, or planning to add a business animated explainer video to your lead generation and sales process, you probably have a question of “how much does an animated explainer video cost?”

The first cost area is graphics. Do you want custom graphics that are personalized and created just for you or are you okay with using a site like ShutterStock to get an icon sheet? Custom graphics is going to be more expensive. The middle-of-the-road is selecting an icon sheet and personalizing those graphics for your brand.

The second main area is movements. Does your animated video require complex movements or will simpler movements work? A professional video production services company will be using software to create your animated explainer video so everything has to be created by hand, and more complex movements are going to take more time, and thus cost more, than simple moments.

The third main area is the length of your business animated explainer video. Because we’re creating everything by hand a 30 second business animated explainer video is going to cost less than a 90 second video.

And the fourth area is the experience of your professional video production services company. There is a lot of pre-production work that goes into the planning of a business animated explainer video and a more experienced team is going to be able to advise you better and do more because they have had more time with the software.

So there you have it, the four main areas that will answer the question how much is your business animated explainer video going to cost.

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