How B2B corporate video plays a role in the sales process.

B2B Corporate Marketing Tip

“People take action when they watch video.” states Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital, a New York City Online Website Video Marketing Services and Online Video Production Company specializing in developing video content marketing strategies to increase sales, lead generation, and client loyalty, as he discusses the how video can be used in your sales process in this this B2B corporate video marketing tip.

What makes business digital video communications on the internet so unique compared to other things? Weiss states “As buyers start to seek out information and get informed, businesses have a need to differentiate themselves. That coupled with everybody is busy these days….Nobody has time any longer. People want things quick….we live in the give-it-to-me-quick world.”

And corporate website videos can give it to you quick. Video helps people make decisions quicker because video gives the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time for people to make a decision.

People take action when they watch video. So a business that needs to move people into and through the “sales funnel,” most efficiently, corporate website videos do that very well. And they to this while allowing businesses to differentiate themselves.

There are multiple statistics from many organizations out there, such, eMarketer, ComScore, or Forrrester, or Forbes, and they all just say that video helps to engage people and move them through the funnel.

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