Setting goals for business grade online video content marketing

Video marketing tip #4:

It is important to have goals when using online video production for marketing purposes. The goal should be to maximize the production of business video content in the time your video production services company has allotted based upon your budget.


The goal that you just mentioned is get clients from a video. And “a video” will get clients, but I think the goal is to produce many videos.

So, a coach, for example, probably has different target markets that they will pursue. There are many different aspects of that person’s personality that “a video” will not present.

So, the key is to create easy content, and the goal of any video marketing company is to advise their clients on how to best utilize their budget to create as many minutes of video as possible. And how to utilize that time, because at the end of the day, you are really just paying for somebody’s time.

So, the pre-production and thought process that goes into that are you going to talk about? What are your key value propositions? What drives people to pick up the phone to call you, in that lead-generation stage, and after you are working with somebody

Thinking about the sales process.

Why do people not by from you might be a video. It may be a little bit longer than two minutes. But the video might be sent after you have made that presentation to somebody in the decision-making process.

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