Cost effective ideas to get started with B2B online video content marketing

Online video content marketing has become a powerful mainstream tactic of the savvy marketer to drive sales and marketing objectives. Once thought of as an expensive and complicated tool only for big brands, the world of online video content marketing has rapidly developed to become cost-effective for any business. Businesses now realize that B2B online video content marketing is ideal for educating consumers about their company, building consumer confidence and making the consumer feel they are making the best decision.

This B2B online video content marketing tip discusses some cost effective ways that businesses can get stared advertising with website video production services.

When you are designing your new website, product brochure, or anything on paper, the same kind of analysis needs to go in to investing in website video production services. Just like traditional means of producing the right content, B2B online video content marketing is all about the content as well.

So if you have already created a website, blog, newsletters or a brochure…those are great places to start for investing in website video production services.

One of the places we recommend businesses get started is with video FAQs. Many businesses have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on their website because these are the key things prospects ask questions about. Video FAQs are a cost effective and efficient way to produce B2B online video content marketing.

Just like your team answers these questions everyday in person, make a list of 5 – 10 so you can create video FAQs. Just put up a camera, or hire a website video production services company, and have the people in your organization answer the FAQs on camera.

Because FAQ videos are easy to create, you will be able to get a lot of B2B online video content marketing from a budget, as opposed to doing a ‘corporate overview video’ where you would only get one video. In addition, FAQ videos can be used across SEO, email, blog, social media to give your client a solid ROI.

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