Raise Startup Capital with Sales Video Communications

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Raising Startup Capital with Sales Video Communication: NYC Small Business – Voilà Chocolate

This business sales video case study shows that even start-up businesses have a lot to gain from using sales video production services to streamline the communication of new ideas to VCs (venture capitalist). With sales video communications VCs can, just like any prospective buyer, quickly understand concepts and time can be saved to focus on the business at hand rather than explaining them.

In the online website video marketing piece below, Peter Moustakerski, Founder and CEO of Voilà Chocolat, talks about how video has attributed to the company, raising a first round investment of close to $500K.

“I was able to incorporate the sales video communication into the presentation and at the end of it you are smiling you turn around to the audience and they’re all smiling, nodding and getting it. I found myself completely in a different place, where I would have communicated the power, the emotional engagement and the content of the concept within 1:26 seconds – without having to say a word and the presentation became so much smooth and meaningful of then I could just go on with the business of it.”