Digital Video Production for Content Marketing

What is Digital Video Production for Content Marketing and how to get started.

In this MultiVision Minute, Robert Weiss from MultiVision Digital, a New York digital corporate video production and marketing company, talks about digital video production of video marketing content and what that means.

Whether you use a corporate video production house or create digital video marketing content at your company you know that content marketing with corporate video production means creating engaging content for different parts of your marketing and your sales process – just like you have brochures, white papers, case studies, emails and web site content.

These are great areas to start looking at creating digital video production content to feed into that marketing and sales process.

If you are just getting started with corporate video content marketing you might be looking for a corporate video production house to help you out. Here at MultiVision Digital, a New York video content production company, we will help you strategize about what content will best fit into your marketing strategies.

It could be digital video production content that helps you get found because Google and other search engines value video content more. It could be that you leverage professional video production services to create lead nurturing content because people really have to understand who you are and the value proposition of your business before they even pick up the phone to call you. Or it might business sales video content that fits deeper into the funnel that you have an enterprise-level sale and you have a six-month or even a year sales cycle.

Professional Digital Video Production Works!

A thoughtful digital video production strategy works as a key part of your content marketing plan because video gets those decision makers to understand about your organization as well as giving them easy to watch content to remind them about the different things that your organization can offer them and how it benefits them.

So the next time you create that next brochure, white paper, email, or web page, think about how a digital video production strategy can play a role in your sales process.

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