What is the R.O.I. of business video production?

If you’re looking for new ways to market your business you should highly consider including online business video production as an integral part of your sales and marketing mix. Marketing videos can feed the parts of the funnel that focus on getting found, converting leads and nurturing prospects. While professional sales video productions can provide key information to decision makers during the sales process.

Although online video content marketing is wide spread, the business use of video marketing is just getting started. In order to help business owners and marketers build a business case for video, you can focus on the amortization of professional online business video marketing content and see that your investment can last for many years and get more valuable over time.

The chart on the below shows that business can get a huge ROI out of investing in digital video marketing content. While the monetary outlay for a professional video production services company is up front, the typical amortization of an evergreen business sales or promotional video that is on a website is about four years.

Why online business video marketing achieves a high R.O.I.

Although you’re going to invest in your online business video production content today, you can literally extend that directly in your sales process, as social media marketing content, in your press releases, use include it in your SEO strategy and in your email campaigns as online business video content is proven to increase email open and click thru rates.

Professional business video production is good news for business decision makers. They are busy and want to get the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time…and video vs paper does this VERY well. Then add in the personal connection that a professional video production can give, the emotion and effectiveness to communicate; and you can quickly see why you can gain a high ROI from professional online business video marketing content.

Check out the video below for 2 Rock Star reasons why business video production ROCKS.

So an online business video production that gets watched over and over again increases in value to search engines, keeps people on your website longer, provides more minutes of information that a PDF file or piece of paper ever could…and doing so in a highly trackable and quantifiable manner.

So take this next minute to pick up the phone and give a professional video production services company and call and ask them for some ideas on how your business can make the most out of an investment in online business video marketing content.